A TRUE man

In response to Mecha Guignol’s brave stand against the imposter Kamina:

Long before TTGL, there was Martian Successor Nadesico. And long before Kamina, there was Gai Daigoji.


He was born as humble Jiro Yamada, but within him was the spirit of a true super robot pilot. Like Kamina, he espoused the values of hotbloodedness and mechtardery.
But he was a true man. He lived in a world bound by real robot physics, where his only companion was a lowly ship’s cook; and yet, despite these insurmountable obstacles, he broke the laws of reason and turned his Aestivalis into a mech to make Kouji Kabuto proud.

No pitiful midboss shot him down. He defeated countless Jovians and Feddies. His death was the result of treachery: shot unawares in the hangar of the Nadesico by cowards. He was an inspiration to Akito, and wishful pilots everywhere.

Gai was a true man. It is a cruel irony that Kamina, and not he, was to become the face of GAR.

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1 Response to A TRUE man

  1. Lien says:

    Found this old forum thread where a good half of the posters have the sense to realize what Kamina really is… nothing special. http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=23458&show=20

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