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A TRUE man

In response to Mecha Guignol’s brave stand against the imposter Kamina: Long before TTGL, there was Martian Successor Nadesico. And long before Kamina, there was Gai Daigoji. He was born as humble Jiro Yamada, but within him was the spirit … Continue reading

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An elegy to the Aestivalis

This post was inspired by my final push to finish Martian Successor Nadesico, a mecha show involving rather more harem hi-jinks than mechs but which manages to be consistently awesome. I would make the modest proposal that the Aestivalis is … Continue reading

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New Super Robot Wars confirmed

Source: IGN Slightly old news, but a new SRW title was announced for the 3DS at E3. Not much else is known. So on the one hand, I’m excited for any new SRW game. On the other hand, I have … Continue reading

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Mapping the Uncharted Fandoms: Super Robot Wars

If you’re a fan of giant robots, chances are you might have heard of Super Robot Wars: possibly through the awesome music or videos on Youtube of ridiculously over-the-top attacks. For the uninitiated, it is a series of crossover games … Continue reading

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Pre-emptive Action: Preparing for Alien Invasions

This post was inspired by 2D-Teleidoscope’s post on the Angels of Evangelion and the subsequent comments. It contains spoilers for Super Robot Wars: Original Generation. Stories of alien invasion have been ubiquitous since the Victorian era. They’ve been tied into … Continue reading

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