YATTE YARUZE is a project that’s been spinning around inside my head for a while now. It’s not quite an anime blog, not quite a gaming blog, not quite a sci-fi blog and not quite a self-indulgence blog. Mostly, it’s just a vehicle to air my thoughts about nerd culture.

I’m a student from London, which explains my atrocious dental hygiene and funny spelling. I prefer mecha anime, soft sci-fi and RPGs (either Western or Japanese). I can speak rudimentary German. I’m also into literature and history, but those are probably too big to cover in this little blog.

My real name isn’t Jack; my screenname just a rather weak pun on the phrase “gundamjacking“. I’ve also never seen Dancougar, so I don’t know why I chose Shinobu’s catchphrase for my blog title. It sounded cool, I guess.


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